Low Level Laser Therapy Benefits

No one wants to lose their hair. As men age, male pattern boldness can show up. Male pattern baldness is possibly the most common condition a man can have.

“A man has a 50% of developing male pattern baldness in their lifetime.”

It can turn into a major disappointment that affects the way they feel about their appearance. Women aren’t the only ones consumed with the way they look. Youth is valuable to both genders. The mechanisms that cause male pattern baldness aren’t fully understood. In laymen’s terms, the hair follicles go to sleep. They stop performing the functions that are needed to produce hair. While some women find bald men attractive, the way one feels about their physical appearance is a very personal thing. While scientist haven’t been able to fully divulge how this happens, more treatments are coming out as this problem becomes better understood.

Low level laser therapy has been growing in popularity. The lasers are known to stimulate circulation to the scalp. Keeping a constant blood supply flowing to the scalp helps promote its ability to produce hair. In some cases, this therapy has given back hair from follicles that are slowly stopping the process of producing hair. It may be able to work on follicles that have completely stopped the process of hair production as well. Here’s a look at some of the benefits this form of treatment can bring:

Low Level Laser Therapy Benefits As It Pertains To Effectiveness

Some studies have shown that low level laser therapy may have the capacity to promote hair loss in a significant amount of men who are affected. A study published in NCBI showed that low level laser therapy grew back hair in mice that underwent chemotherapy. In cases of alopecia areata, which is sudden hair loss that is not hereditary, low level laser therapy also benefited hair growth in the mice. This study, LLLT for treatment of hair loss, also conducted a trial on humans. The therapy showed significant reduction of hair loss in both men and women. Some men and women were also able to regrow their hair.

Another study published on NCBI in 2013 was done on 41 men, ages 18 to 48, who had hereditary baldness. The results were quite promising. With all of them together, 39% of the hair was grown back. This study was more specific to male hereditary baldness. It excluded women and there were no statistics on animals collected.

hair transplantIt’s Non-Invasive

The most talked about treatment for male pattern baldness are hair implants. Hair implants are a last resort. It is serious surgery that must be done under general anesthesia. There is a painful healing process that lasts weeks.

No Side Effects

The vast majority of drugs on the market for male pattern baldness come with unpleasant side effects. Some of the side effects can even be dangerous. This is true for all chemicals that produce hair growth, regardless of whether it’s over the counter or prescription. Here are some of them:


This drug is known as Rogaine. There are also generic brands available. It produces higher levels of hair growth in six months. Here are the unpleasant side effects that can be seen:

-severe scalp irritation

-Chest Pain


-Rapid Weight Gain

-light headedness


This drug is prescription only. It has been around since 1992. There have been some alarming and/or unpleasant side effects reported:


-Tenderness In Breast

-Swelling In Hands Or Feet

-Skin Rash

-Breast Lumps

-Prostate Cancer


This drug is only prescribed to men with hereditary baldness. Here are some side effects men who take it may be subject to:

-Breast Disorder

-Testicle Pain


It’s Painless

As said before, invasive procedures like hair implants can have a very painful healing process. The prescription and over-the-counter medications available can have extremely unpleasant side effects. Low level laser therapy is painless. The therapy uses extremely low level lasers that produce no pain.

It Increases Hair Strength

Men who are losing their hair often lose its strength before the follicle stops producing hair entirely. Low level laser therapy increases circulation to the scalp to make the hair follicles more active. Hair grows in stronger when there is plenty of blood circulation to the scalp. Low level laser therapy may also work to dilate the hair follicles. When the hair follicles are dilated more hair can pass through them as the opening is larger. The heat the laser produces has the capacity to do this.

Helmet Or In clinic?

laser capThose who would like to try this treatment can do so by buying a cap or going in clinic. The in clinic procedure has been shown to produce stronger results in some people. A study published on NCBI by Dr. Zara, used the helmet. The devices were found to be perfectly safe and benefit the hair growth process. Some may feel anxiety about using an in home laser treatment. If so, there are plenty of clinics that offer the therapy. Many feel that they do not have time to go to a clinic to complete this therapy. In such cases, it may be better to try an in-home device.

The Bottom Line

Low level laser therapy benefits are numerous. Those who have tried this form of therapy have seen results in a lot of cases. The low level laser therapy benefits will be seen in those who do not have advanced baldness. This treatment is safe and effective for both men and women. A women or a man who does not have hair loss, but would like to stimulate more hair growth, could also see improvement through using a device or going in-clinic. The majority of studies have had positive results. Low level laser therapy benefits are well proven; however, they are not promised. Some people have hair loss that is too advanced to be benefited from this type of treatment. There are also several reasons for hair loss. This treatment may not be a benefit all of them.

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