iRestore Laser Hair Growth System – Does It Work?

Premature hair loss can make you look aged even in your twenties. You may feel embarrassed to go out, thinking that everyone will make fun of you. Like millions of individuals, hair loss is real and hair thinning can occur at an early age. But what is the appropriate solution to get rid of this problem? This is why I decided to write this review for the iRestore laser hair growth system.

Many people try medication, wear wigs, and various other things to hide their baldness. Well, the good news is that you may not have to now if you use the iRestore laser hair growth device. Here’s why…

What is the iRestore laser hair growth system?

iRestore laser hair growth system or iRestore Essential, ID-500 is a medical device used for various hair treatments, such as receding hairline, stimulating hair growth in men and women, balding, thinning hair, and alopecia. This FDA-certified hair loss treatment device has already worked wonders on thousands of people, both young and old. There is only one condition: you need to have some hair in your head. You cannot be entirely bald. There should at least be some hair follicles to allow this low-level light therapy to work efficiently.

iRestore Professional Kit
iRestore Laser Helmet

Laser therapy works excellently on heads with thin hair. This is because the hair follicles are not completely dead. Most of the time they are in a “resting” phase and low level light therapy is a non-abrasive, very safe way to “wake up” these lazy follicles that are resting. Low-level light therapy is best suitable for I-II women and IIa-V men. These numbers represent your hair loss stage.

What is Low Level Laser Therapy?

Low level laser therapy, oftentimes abbreviated LLLT, is when light (mostly red) is used as a way to stimulate hair growth. This “low-level” light penetrates the scalp and encourages dormant hair follicles to grow again. This method of laser therapy has proven to be one of the best ways to help reduce hair thinning and promote new hair growth. This is all because of how this low light enhances blood flow which in turn increases activity at the cellular level. This increased cellular activity causes new hair to grow.

With the advances of technology, we now have devices that are able to control this red light at just the right wave lengths to produce optimum exposure to stimulate new hair growth. iRestore is one of those devices that uses the latest, most advanced technology for growing hair. Now being FDA approved, people are lining up to try out this hair device because it’s helped thousands of others who suffer from hair loss.

Expected results from using iRestore device

iRestore Hair Regrowth DeviceMost people want their hair to grow quickly. This is understandable, considering that they want to get rid of this embarrassing problem as soon as possible. However, you need to have patience. Hair growth takes time. You can’t expect to go from little to no hair to a head full of hair overnight. It’s just not realistic. People usually start experiencing changes within 12 to 24 weeks. This is because of how the life cycle works with hair follicles.

Different users may react differently to this treatment. You need to use iRestore for 25 minutes every other day. Make sure you don’t miss a session to experience the best results.

Moreover, this device first slows down your rate of hair loss. It also reduces the miniaturization of your hair follicles within the first 4 months. After these 4 months, you may start noticing significant changes in your hair growth. It grows fuller and thicker hair within the first 6 months. You should keep using this device to yield better results. It helps to maintain healthy hair growth.

Again, you shouldn’t feel disappointed if you don’t experience immediate results. The hair growth process takes time. Remember, you only grow half an inch of hair every month naturally. You also naturally lose hair each day. Therefore, you shouldn’t get restless if you don’t notice any changes after using the iRestore laser hair growth device for a few weeks or even a few months.

Is hair fallout normal while using iRestore?

Many people feel afraid when they see regular hair fall out after using iRestore. Don’t worry; this is nothing unnatural. iRestore sheds all your thin and weak hairs and replaces them with thicker and stronger hairs. This device combats genetic hair loss. Low-level light therapy doesn’t aggravate your hair loss condition. Instead, it works on the weaker hair follicles to make them stronger. You may experience four stages of hair growth while using iRestore:

• Anagen
• Catagen
• Telogen
• Exogen

This is a repetitive cycle that involves hair growth, followed by hair loss, and then hair growth again.

How iRestore works for hair growth

Switch on the laser helmet and put it on your head. Sit quietly and allow the helmet to do its magic. iRestore emits a red light that works on the exposed dermal layer of your head. It has a mid-600 nanometer range of wavelength, which is appropriate to correct your mitochondria’s metabolic cycle. As a result, it increases the cells in your dermal papilla. In simple terms, the red light improves cell metabolism in your head and boosts the efficiency of your hair follicles.

Many people ask if they need to part their hair while using iRestore. They think the red light will penetrate more if they expose their bald areas. Honestly, it won’t make much difference at all. You don’t need to part your hair or anything. The device uses specific wavelengths to deliver photons to your scalp tissues which penetrates through your hair follicles. Its low-level light therapy improves the energy efficiency of your cell tissues and enhances cell metabolism. The penetration depth depends on the light’s wavelength.

How often should you go for low-level light therapy?

Ideally, you should use iRestore for 25 minutes every other day. That means you should use it three or four times every week. Using it more often than this will not provide faster results. Therefore, don’t overuse the device. Most importantly, don’t discontinue using it if you don’t notice any changes during the first few weeks. It will take some time to grow new hair. You may also experience slight hair fall during the process. Try not to panic. Dermatologists explain that this is completely normal.

Now that you know about the iRestore laser hair growth system, the only thing left to do is to check it out for yourself. It can prove to be the long-term solution you’ve been looking for to put an end to your receding hairline and other hair loss woes.

The iRestore Hair Loss System

With the iRestore hair growth system, there are 2 different option for you to choose from…

You can choose the iRestore Professional helmet which is an FDA approved, 282 laser system or you can choose the iRestore Essential helmet which is also FDA approved and comes with 51 lasers.  Both Units are backed by a 12-month money back guarantee, which basically states that ANYONE can try the iRestore system without charging restocking fees or return shipping if it doesn’t work.

So now you have nothing to lose and a whole head of hair to gain just by trying the iRestore System for 1 year.

The unit itself also comes with a 1 year warranty against defects.  You can also upgrade the warranty to 3 years if you choose to.

Go now and try this system.  Test it out for 1 year.  If it’s not giving you the results you’re looking for, send it back for a full refund.

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